Crimes Against Beauty: Sugar's Affect on the Skin

Crimes Against Beauty.png

Sugar is a big topic and most of us know how bad it is for us. However, a lot of people are unaware of how companies use tricky wording to sneak sugar into all kinds of products from granola bars, to pasta sauces, to yoghurt etc. Another topic that doesn't get discussed enough is the effects that refined carbohydrates have on our health and skin. So, if you have been wondering:

- how does Sugar affect the adrenals, healthy hormones, and breakouts

- what are the various secret names for sugar and how do I avoid them in food products?

- why is Sugar so addictive and how can I quit?

Then tune in today as I discuss the Sugar woes with my fellow Nutritional Therapist, Diane Distefano NTP from NutriViable.