Sugary vs Good for You Beverages



When you boycott all the pop and sugary drinks from your diet-including sugar-laden caffeine beverages like Starbucks or TimHortons cappuccinos, frappes or IceCapes, you might end up feeling like you don’t have any cool or fun drinks to replace it with. Worry not, there are plenty of beverage options and superfood add-ins to make your next drink not only tasty but also health and beauty boosting.


What to Avoid:


  • All regular processed and sugar-filled drinks like pop.


  • Drinks that have added sugar, artificial sweeteners, added colours or artificial flavours. Just because it says “Pure tea” on the label of the packaged liquid doesn’t mean that it only contains tea.


  • Regular, store-bought, pasteurized “pure” fruit juice.


This is kind of a no-brainer but it still deserves mentioning. Many people either don’t drink enough water or maybe drinking too much. A rough estimate is to divide your body weight by 2 and this is the number of ounces that you should consume daily.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a variety of beverages can act as a diuretic-- things like sugary drinks, coffee, certain herbal teas, and alcohol. If you do consume any of these drinks, it is important to drink additional water afterwards to replace what you lose.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is a great hydrator due to containing high levels of the electrolyte potassium. The fact is, I would much rather drink something with 1 ingredient instead of a neon green beverage with who-knows-what in it. 

One way to boost the nutrient power of this tropical drink is to add 1 tsp of salt sole.

A salt sole is made by combining high quality mineral salts with purified water in a glass jar with a plastic-- not metal-- covering. Over time the water absorbs more and more of the salt, until it is saturated. Thus, taking a teaspoon of this solution everyday gives you minerals from the salt as well as sodium, another electrolyte. However, salt sole may be harder to consume for some due to its extreme saltiness, thus making it a good idea to mix in with the sweetness of pure coconut water.


Note: make sure to check the ingredients label on whatever coconut water product you are planning to purchase. Oftentimes, brands will add flavouring or sugar (fructose) to their coconut water. All that should be listed on the ingredients label is coconut water.

Matcha Green Tea powder

If you have ever heard of green tea, then you probably have heard of matcha green tea powder. Essentially, matcha is the entire leaf used in green tea in powdered form. This way, you are consuming way more of the powerful antioxidant catechins than with the steeped version.


Grass-fed Collagen Hydrolysate

Bone broth has become more wide-known thanks to exposure from well known health enthusiasts and celebrities. This source of dietary collagen and minerals is something that our ancestors used to consume often as they weren’t so wasteful in throwing away a vital part of the animal.


In our modern diet, however, we mostly just consume muscle meats and don’t get cuts that still have the skin and bone. Even then, it would be best to consume bone broth daily for the gelatin and mineral benefits. However, as this is not always possible with our busy lifestyles, grass-fed collagen makes a wonderful substitute.


Collagen hydrolysate can be easily mixed into either hot or cold beverages, does not gel like gelatin, and is better to take if you have digestive problems as, not everyone can tolerate gelatin right away.


Chaga Mushroom Tea

Chaga tea is really an amazing wonder drink. It has been noted for it’s benefits in regards to cancer, as well as it’s high antioxidant content, being an immune booster, and working to reduce inflammation.


I have several personal testimonials from people in my life who consume it regularly and testify to its health benefits from mood boosting to increasing energy to lessening the appearance of wrinkles and more.



There is so much room to have fun with this type of beverage as you can both adjust the level of thickness & try out many different combos of veggies and fruits. So, bring out your inner kitchen scientist and experiment! Just don’t go crazy with the fruit-especially the types that are extra high in sugar like mango and bananas. Aim for more veggies in your ratio rather than just sweet fruit.


Note: A smoothie or health drink of any kind is not a meal replacement. Meals should always include a source of quality fat and protein, especially breakfast, which needs to be higher on the fat side, e.g. free-range eggs with grass-fed butter.


“Chocolate Shake”

Who doesn’t want an excuse to have more chocolate in their life? One of the easiest and yummiest ways to do this is to make your very own chocolate shake. The key ingredients in this would be cream (18% or higher), raw cocoa powder, pinch of sea salt, a little raw honey, pure vanilla extract, and avocado to help emulsify the ingredients.


If you are dairy-free, you can substitute coconut milk for the cream. Be sure to also use raw cocoa powder instead of regular commercial baking cocoa to enjoy some of the nutritional benefits of real chocolate.



It is very possible to not only consume health-boosting beverages on a daily basis but to also thoroughly enjoy it. The flavour and yumminess was not lost when you stopped drinking commercial sodas and high sugar beverages, but rather, a whole new world of delicious possibilities has opened up!

Priscilla Johnson