How to Have Happy Skin-when You're Fighting a Cold

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Is there anything worse than a cold? If I had to define the worst attributes of a cold, it would be something like this:

  • Having a weird voice change that immediately alerts everyone I talk to that I have a cold

  • Irritated skin around my nose from constant rubbing

  • Random sneezes so hard they rattle my brain

and the #1 annoying thing about having a cold? Dull, lackluster, tired skin. Give me a yes girl! if you have noticed how colds seem to suck the life and vibrancy out of your skin-just to leave you looking even more tired and run-down than you feel.

I personally battled a cold recently but, despite a lot of coughing and acquiring a small mountain of tissues, I was able to keep my skin happy, hydrated and healthy. I’d even go so far as to say that my skin was bright-which almost made me feel more energetic - and the usual dull, splotchy look was avoided.

If this sounds like something you need next time you battle the snuffle-blues -or maybe your skin needs some tlc right now- keep reading.

Soothing and exfoliating

Gauge how sensitive your skin is-is it sensitive overall or just in certain areas. Around the nose can be prone to irritation due to constant rubbing caused by the use of tissues but, the sinuses can also sometimes make this area hurt a bit.

This is where you can decide if your goal is focused primarily on soothing and hydration or brightening and hydration. Depending on what your skin can handle, some serious brightening can aid in making you look more alive --without overdoing it and causing more irritation or discomfort.

However, be especially careful if your skin is flaking-as heavy exfoliation can really cause more irritation.

The best plan is to to steer clear of any harsh exfoliators and instead, make sure to use a gentle formula.

Vitamin C

In the department of glow-boosting and brightening, Vitamin C serums really do take the cake. What better way to add a little radiance to your life than with bottled sunshine? Here’s where you need to do a bit of research though as some Vitamin C serums on the market are both effective and gentle while others are prone to cause stinging.

Consistency is key with seeing the best results from Vitamin C serums so, find a product that works well for you and stick with it.

Another way to enjoy the benefits of Vitamin C? Taking it internally. If you are going to get some extra Vitamin C in your dietary regimen, only consume whole food forms - such as found in camu camu or acerola powders or teas like hibiscus and rosehip.

Sheet masks

Ah, ode to sheet masks-how I love thee. What other product can offer a near endless assortment of skin-loving formulas and fun packaging-while still achieving a megawatt glow in 20 minutes? Seriously, sheet masks are the bomb and they can feel soo good when you have a cold. The sheet masking ritual coincides perfect with the urge to either curl up with a good book or cuddle with the cat.

And while some sheet masks can offer exfoliating benefits, I would advise to steer clear of those if you have already been exfoliating and making use of a good Vitamin C serum. On the other hand, if you prefer to do double duty, skip the aforementioned exfoliation step and instead, use a sheet mask that packs some great ahas or bhas into a soothing formula. Within 20 minutes, you could have both removed dead skin cells and hydrated to the max.

Lastly, feel free to sheet mask more than once a day if you feel like it and/or have the time. Pampering your skin with a calming, soothing, and hydrating boost is something that you deserve and that your skin with drink up!


We all know how important sleep is when you’re sick and what better way to achieve a one-two punch than taking advantage of the benefits of a sleeping mask.

Overnight masks can feel like a comforting blanket of moisture, or they can really aid in the brightening department. The main goal is to help you wake up the next morning looking visibly healthier and more awake.

Try slathering on a sleeping mask as the last step of your night skincare routine before letting your head hit the pillow. Come morning, you might just find out that “beauty sleep” is a real thing and not only something made of fairy dust, castle towers and Disney princesses.

By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to having happier skin, even when you're sick. For more encouragement, tips, and a step-by-step process to clear your skin, check out Heal Your Body, Heal Your Skin.

Priscilla Johnson