Hi, I’m Priscilla!

My story starts out much the way yours probably does.

I discovered my passion for skin health through my own lengthy six-year battle with acne.

All the conventional advice I received failed me. Much of it even made me suffer more.

First I was put on birth control, then various topical prescription drying facial products, and finally Minocycline.

I also tried a variety of drugstore topical acne products and name brand options like Proactive. I finally threw in the towel when I was encouraged to go on the very strong and potentially harmful drug Accutane.

I simply wasn’t willing to put my body through such risks to clear my skin! None of those options had worked, and the side effects of such strong products were almost worse than the condition they were supposed to treat.

When I was diagnosed with PCOS at 19, I still found myself struggling with acne and not knowing where to get the true, deep nutrition answers that I was seeking to clear my skin after the traditional approaches had failed me.

Instead of just taking stronger medications and hoping for the best, I decided to learn about what my body really needed to heal from the inside out. I knew there was something missing, and it wasn’t the newest topical or oral medication.

But knowing where to start my journey to more natural skin health was a challenge! The Internet had all kinds of conflicting information, ideas, and suggestions, which made it nearly impossible to find out what I personally needed. Everything I found was general, and different resources and experts were claiming opposing things.

I started with cleaning up my diet --removing all processed and refined foods, but I still didn’t know what a truly nutritious diet looked like. At first, I thought that low-fat foods were the best. After all, that was the pervading thought in our culture. But then I learned how important quality fats are for our bodily health and started incorporating them into my diet.

I was completely at a loss for true, valuable, applicable information and guides until I enrolled in nutrition college. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Not only did I learn a tremendous amount about how my body works internally, what areas I was lacking in nutritionally, and why my body was struggling, I also learned the most important health lesson of all: we are all different individuals, and therefore, we have different nutritional needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

It was this “aha” moment that opened my eyes to the power of nutritional therapy to resolve skin issues through personalized, one-on-one attention and individualized plans!

Now that I've seen the power of nutritional therapy clear my skin, I help others do the same, so they can finally find healing for their skin issues!