Hi, I’m Priscilla, Certified Nutritional Therapist.

I know what it’s like to struggle to clear up your skin.

I know you feel insecure and uncomfortable in your skin.

I know you want to be able to go without makeup, but you feel like you can’t.

I know you’re worried that everyone’s staring at your skin.

I know you’ve tried all kinds of medications and remedies without any success.

I know you’re feeling discouraged about your struggles that it makes you want to cry.

I know you sometimes get so frustrated with the amount of time, money, and effort you’ve put into clearing your skin without seeing any results.

But I also know there is hope for healing your skin issues from the inside out!

Enough is enough!

You shouldn’t have to feel ashamed of your skin.

You shouldn’t feel like you want to hide.

You shouldn’t have to hop from one medicine to the next to the next, hoping the next one is the magic cure.

You shouldn’t have to suffer through terrible side effects from strong medication.

You shouldn’t have to accept that your skin is “just the way it is.”

You shouldn’t have to battle with your skin issues for years with no improvement.

You can find freedom from the burden of your skin issues!

My Backstory:

I struggled with acne for years, trying all the common topical solutions and oral medications. Not a single one of them cleared up my skin, and they left me convinced that there had to be a better way.

Because the traditional methods failed me, I turned to nutritional therapy. I went to nutrition school and discovered the amazing power that nutritional therapy can have in clearing skin! Because the approach was more personalized, I was able to cater my skin care and nutrition routine to my own specific needs and finally see the results I had been waiting years for.

You can read more about me here.

Now I’m guiding others like you who struggle with skin issues through nutritional therapy practices to help them see the clear skin they’ve been dreaming of!

I’m passionate about helping people just like you finally find their way to clearer skin and greater confidence through the power of nutritional therapy!